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Chin Implant in Detroit, MI

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Get a Stronger Profile with a Chin Implant at the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

The chin can be the defining feature of your facial profile and can make or break your look. The Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Detroit offers Chin Implants to men and women who desire an improvement in their facial profile. It’s the perfect procedure if you feel that your chin appears too small or under-projected. Dr. Ricky Sayal is a board-certified double fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon specializing in procedures like chin augmentation. What makes Dr. Sayal different is his patience in carefully explaining the various options and what they entail to meet your perfect aesthetic goals. Schedule a consultation today!

What is a chin implant?

Transform Your Chin From Weak To Bold

A Chin Implant in Detroit is a great option to enhance your facial profile. Dr. Sayal helps you choose whether they want to focus on contouring their jawline or augmenting their existing jaw size. During a simple procedure, a custom-made implant is inserted beneath your skin in order to create an enhanced chin or jawline and reshape facial proportions. The results can be permanent, giving you stronger, more prominent features and making you look younger.

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What are the benefits of a chin implant?

There are numerous reasons why you would choose to get a chin implant. A chin augmentation might help you acquire confidence in your appearance if you have a naturally small chin or if your facial features appear out of proportion. Furthermore, with a Chin Implant Detroit patients can lessen the appearance of a double chin and improve facial harmony by bringing the nose and chin into equilibrium. It will help reinforce a recessed or undeveloped chin while also shaping your neck and jawline.

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Am I a good candidate for a chin implant?

Chin Up

A chin implant can be used to improve your facial profile by giving you a stronger jawline, but it may not be suitable for everyone. If you have normal-size or small jaws but would like to enhance your appearance or if you are dissatisfied with your gummy smile, chin augmentation might be an option worth considering. The best candidates are in good health and nonsmokers. During your consultation, Dr. Sayal will help determine if a Chin Implant is best for you.

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Your Chin Implant Procedure

Strong and More Pronounced

The process of chin augmentation is relatively simple. First, under local anesthesia, Dr. Sayal makes a concealed incision under the chin. After gently inserting his Chin Implant into place, Dr. Sayal will close all incisions using dissolvable stitches, leaving you free to begin recovering immediately following surgery.

Chin Implant Recovery

Boost Your Smile

Following your Chin Implant surgery, you can return to normal daily activities within one week. Additionally, patients should avoid any strenuous exercise and refrain from chewing gum or biting on objects that could put pressure on their incisions for two weeks following surgery. Finally, wear your post-operative splint when you awake and remove it while you sleep so your muscles can properly relax. Swelling should go down within three to six months after surgery, as long as you follow all post-operative instructions.

Chin Implant Results

A Life-Changing Decision

A Chin Implant can be quick and straightforward. You will experience some swelling following the procedure, and depending on your case, you may need more than one surgery to achieve your desired results. Your final results should show up after around six months as the swelling goes down. The great thing about a chin implant is that once you have achieved your desired results, they will stay with you forever!

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A powerful chin for the win

Before considering chin augmentation, meeting with Dr. Sayal at the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is best to discuss your options. At your consultation, he will evaluate your face and determine whether you are a good candidate for chin implant surgery. Then, Dr. Sayal will patiently guide you through every step of the surgery and ensure you get the best results.

Chin ImplantFrequently Asked Questions

Swelling and bruising will likely be present within a few days of surgery. You may also experience pain or discomfort as you heal. But don’t worry—this typically subsides within two weeks or less. Over-the-counter pain medications can help alleviate any discomfort that you may experience. In addition, your doctor will likely suggest avoiding strenuous activities during recovery to allow your Chin implant to settle into its new position and ensure proper healing in-between visits for follow-up care and checkups.

Chin augmentation has extremely few complications when performed by a trained, experienced cosmetic surgeon. However, infection, hematoma (internal bleeding), a shift in implant site, poor healing, and anesthetic side effects are all possible dangers.

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