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Facial Reconstruction in Detroit, MI

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The Center for Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Reconstruction A World of Possibilities

Your decision to undergo facial plastic surgery can be complicated and emotional, especially if you want to change your face's appearance to reflect your identity or values better. At the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Detroit, we understand that Facial Reconstruction isn't just about cosmetic enhancement; it's about helping our patients regain confidence and function and look more like their original selves.

What is facial reconstruction?

Look Like Yourself

It's a term that describes a variety of procedures performed to restore some function to parts of your face. These procedures are typically needed if you have a disease, trauma, or congenital disability that has affected your appearance. Common conditions include facial scars from injuries, tumors (cancerous or benign), cleft lip and palate, and burns caused by heat or chemicals. Sometimes Facial Reconstruction may be part of the treatment for genetic syndromes such as Crouzon syndrome or Apert syndrome. In other cases, it can help improve people with severe deformities who feel self-conscious about their appearance. Many people who need these surgeries would like to look better to feel better about themselves and their quality of life. Dr. Sayal is double fellowship-trained in craniofacial surgery—the first surgeon in his field to achieve both fellowships—and he is board-certified in plastic surgery and facial plastic surgery.

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What are the benefits of facial reconstruction?

Through Facial Reconstruction Detroit patients can improve their self-esteem, speech, breathing, eating habits, aesthetic appeal, and more. Whether you have been born with a congenital disability or acquired an injury in later life that has affected your facial structure, facial reconstruction can help you regain functionality and aesthetics. Our center offers various procedures, including reconstructive surgery and microsurgery techniques. Our team is dedicated to providing each patient individualized care based on their unique needs and goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals!

Dr Ricky Sayal

Am I a good candidate for facial reconstruction?

Helping You Achieve All Your Goals

You may be a good candidate for Facial Reconstruction in Detroit if you have a congenital disability or injury that has left your face disfigured. This can include those who are missing facial bones due to trauma or cancer patients who lose bone structure following chemotherapy. Sometimes, babies born with facial defects like cleft palate require reconstructive surgery during their childhood years. People suffering from traumatic injuries may also undergo facial reconstruction as part of their recovery process. However, in some cases, patients must wait until they're older before they can undergo facial reconstruction procedures because they require extensive healing time or other special considerations.

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Your Facial Reconstruction Procedure

Enhancing Quality of Life

Many procedures are performed at our state-of-the-art facility, ranging from traditional plastic surgery to Facial Reconstruction. Some examples include rhinoplasty, facial augmentation, scar revision, burn care and reconstruction, skin cancer treatment, eyelid lifts/surgery, brow lift/eyebrow lift surgery, facelift, minimally invasive fat transfer with mesotherapy, and more. We also offer a variety of cosmetic procedures, including Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and tattoo removal. In addition to cosmetic procedures, we provide reconstructive surgeries such as cleft lip repair and craniofacial surgeries for patients with birth defects or trauma. Our surgical team is comprised of board-certified surgeons who have years of experience in their respective fields. We are committed to providing our patients with outstanding results that will change their lives forever!

Facial Reconstruction Recovery

Reclaim Your Identity

Recovery time varies depending on your Detroit Facial Reconstruction procedure. For instance, a relatively simple process like blepharoplasty — or surgery to remove excess skin from around your eyes—takes just two weeks to recover. Other, more complex procedures can take several months or longer to recuperate. During recovery, you'll most likely be prescribed pain medication; it's vital that you only take as much as you need to feel better.

Facial Reconstruction Results

Reconstructing Self Worth

Various procedures are designed to correct common issues with facial appearance, including rhinoplasty (or nose surgery), forehead contouring, ear reduction, tracheal shave, cheek augmentation/sucking, chin enhancement/sucking (including jaw shaving). Most surgical procedures involve cutting no more than one-quarter inch into your skin. However, exceptions may be required in some instances that involve scarring or other considerations.

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Facial ReconstructionFrequently Asked Questions

Most of your procedures will be performed under anesthesia, so you shouldn't feel much pain. Your doctor will provide instructions and prescriptions for pain management during your recovery period.

Cosmetic plastic surgeries are not typically covered by insurance, but medically necessary procedures may be. Our staff will work with you to ensure payments, whether insurance or Care Credit, will be manageable.

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