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Otoplasty in Detroit, MI

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Otoplasty with the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery Enjoy a New Level of Self-Confidence

You may be concerned that one of the first things people notice when meeting you is your ears. But, if they need small adjustments, there's no time like now to take care of them. At our office in Detroit Otoplasty patients can give their ears a makeover - whether that be fixing defects caused by aging or what was already set in stone from birth - without much downtime. At the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ricky Sayal and Dr. Christine Lepoudre want to restore your confidence by giving you thorough and detailed ear surgery. You're taking your first step to your perfect ears by scheduling a consultation.

What is Otoplasty?

Transform Your Ears!

Ear surgery, also known as Otoplasty, can enhance the form, position, or proportion of your ears. Otoplasty can fix an ear structural deficiency that is present at birth or becomes obvious during growth. This treatment can also be used to repair misaligned ears caused by damage.

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What are the benefits of Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes or repositions prominent ears to reduce their prominence and create a more balanced appearance of the ear. At the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, our Detroit Otoplasty patients get beautiful, natural-looking ears that enhance their look and give them added confidence. If you're unhappy with your ears because they are large, protrude too far from your head, or stick out at an odd angle, Otoplasty can help. Our board-certified physicians can improve the shape and proportion of your ears using incisions inside your ear canal.

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Am I a good candidate for Otoplasty?

Solve Your Self-Esteem Issues

Many people can benefit from Otoplasty. Some of these people may be anyone with a protruding or misaligned ear, one ear that is noticeably larger than the other, ears that are not in proportion to their face, or anyone seeking to balance their facial features and overall aesthetics. When undergoing Otoplasty Detroit patients should have realistic expectations about results and know that no surgery will produce perfect ears. After all, you were born with your natural shape; it's only natural that after surgery, you'll look like yourself again—only better! Patients should also realize there is some discomfort associated with Otoplasty and be prepared to manage any post-operative pain on their own as they heal.

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Your Otoplasty Procedure

Improve Your Image

If you're an adult with protruding ears, you might be a good candidate for Otoplasty. During surgery, your surgeon will make incisions behind your ear and use sutures to pull back your ear cartilage and create more of an inner-ear fold. He may also remove excess skin if needed. In addition to being cosmetically appealing, Otoplasty can improve hearing by reducing obstructions in the ear canal caused by prominent ears.

Otoplasty Recovery

Hear Better

Recovery time is usually only a few days, and you'll return to your normal activities after that. During recovery, it is common to experience some swelling and bruising around your ears and numbness in your scalp, which will resolve as you continue to heal. It may take several weeks or even months before your ears are completely healed. During this time, please keep all your appointments to ensure that all of the work on your ears looks perfect!

Otoplasty Results

A New Pair Of Ears

Your results should improve the way you look. If you have noticeably protruding ears or ears that stick out too much, Otoplasty can help. You should be able to expect a more contoured and pleasing shape after the surgery. It is rare for patients to need a second procedure on their ears to achieve desired results. In most cases, ear correction through Otoplasty takes only one visit. Results are usually long-lasting and rarely require a revision of any kind. There are very few risks associated with getting your ears corrected through Otoplasty, so if your protruding ears are holding you back from looking and feeling your best, it's time to schedule an appointment for ear correction in Detroit today!

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Become More Confident

If you are interested in having Otoplasty to correct or enhance your ears and improve your confidence, contact the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Detroit today. We can schedule an appointment to discuss how Otoplasty may be able to improve your appearance.

OtoplastyFrequently Asked Questions

There is no need to fear pain or discomfort because Otoplasty is performed using local anesthesia. However, after undergoing Otoplasty surgery, some swelling and pain will be associated with the procedure. Therefore, it is critical to follow aftercare instructions closely to ensure that you heal correctly and without complications. As you heal, your ears may be bruised or swollen, and you may experience a dull ache in one or both ears.

Aside from some swelling and bruising, you can enjoy immediate results following your procedure.

We're happy to accommodate all our patients, including those who need assistance in getting through any financial hurdles that may come up during treatment. We accept CareCredit to ensure there are no barriers to getting the treatment you need.

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