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Neck Lift in Detroit, MI

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Lift Yourself Into Comfort And Style Neck Lift with Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Detroit

Suppose you're looking to achieve a more youthful and contoured appearance in your neck area. In that case, you may want to consider undergoing the neck lift surgery offered at the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. This surgical technique can solve many common issues such as loose and sagging skin, saggy jowls, and turkey necks often associated with aging. Still, it can also be an excellent remedy for those people who have lost weight or undergone major muscle-building exercises leading to excess skin development in their necks. Dr. Ricky Sayal, a double fellowship-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon based out of Detroit, is one of only a few surgeons in Michigan who offer this advanced Neck Lift procedure which will lead to youthful and sculpted results--no matter what the age bracket!

What is a neck lift?

A Refreshing Look Ahead

At a basic level, a neck lift is an effective way to address aging skin in the neck. Dr. Sayal will sculpt and smooth your neck's loose skin, resulting in a more youthful look that glows from within. At our office in Detroit Neck Lifts can also improve saggy or wrinkled skin around your jawline, often called jowls. It may also be combined with other procedures like facelifts or blepharoplasty to deliver even better results.

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What are the benefits of a
neck lift?

A neck lift is an effective way to address a number of common concerns that patients describe as they age, including loosening and sagging of the skin in the neck. The procedure is not just about aesthetics—the benefits are largely functional. Our specialists explain that after undergoing a Neck Lift Detroit patients often feel renewed confidence due to their improved appearance. Patients who have undergone a neck lift also note increased comfort when wearing certain clothing or engaging in physical activities.

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Am I a good candidate for a neck lift?

Restore Youthful Vitality

A neck lift, or rhytidectomy, is generally recommended for patients who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their neck or fullness. This procedure is not intended to make significant changes to your body but rather to serve as an intervention that can help provide benefits such as the increased contour of your neck region, improved skin elasticity, decreased wrinkling, sagging, and marionette lines in your neck. Typically there's no specific medical condition that requires a neck lift. Instead, it's a cosmetic procedure to address signs of aging and improve your appearance. However, if you have concerns about loose skin in your neck area, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team.

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Your Neck Lift Procedure

Improve Your Self-Esteem

The Neck Lift begins with your physician numbing and cleaning your neck to minimize pain. After removing excess skin, fat, or muscle that may be preventing you from having a contoured neck, we suture your skin back into place. The procedure typically takes between two and four hours to complete. Our center's professional anesthesiologists administer all anesthesia, so you can rest easy knowing that you're in good hands.

Neck Lift Recovery

Lose Ten Years

The Neck Lift is one of our most popular procedures, but many people don't realize that recovery from a neck lift can take several weeks. Most patients can return to work within four to six days after surgery. However, for people who exercise regularly, we recommend waiting about two weeks for your next workout. Dr. Sayal will provide instructions on how to care for your neck lift to get the best results.

Neck Lift Results

A Transformative Experience

A neck lift can address issues that may arise from aging, such as the sagging of skin in your neck, making you look older than you are. A neck lift reshapes your neck by removing excess skin and tightening muscles to restore a youthful contour. The surgery removes ten years off your appearance while also improving proportionality. In addition, the results of your neck lift are permanent, meaning your neck will always look ten years younger than if you had not done the procedure.

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Redefine Style And Comfort

Your quest for an improved appearance starts now. Contact us at the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Detroit today to see if a neck lift is right for you. Dr. Ricky Sayal will answer your questions, explore different options, and ensure that your needs are met. So schedule your neck lift consultation today.

Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Most people who have had a Neck Lift will notice that the discomfort, swelling, and bruises subside within two weeks, and the new neck contours will become apparent. However, it could take up to three months for the swelling to subside.

Neck Lift surgery is generally safe, although risks include infection, bleeding, and scarring, as with any operation. Follow your care team's pre-and post-operative instructions, and establish an open discussion about any concerns you have during the healing period to avoid them.

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