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Facelift in Detroit, MI

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Reveal a Younger You with a Facelift at the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

If you're tired of looking tired, you may be considering facelift surgery. However, a facelift should not radically alter your appearance but rather about helping you look like a younger version of yourself with lasting results. Dr. Ricky Sayal is a board-certified and double fellowship-trained physician specializing in facial plastic surgeries like facelifts. At the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, he performs both deep-plane and (SMAS) facelifts so that we can help every patient get the best results possible. Schedule a consultation to learn if a Facelift in Detroit is the best option for you.

What is a facelift?

A Face You'll Be Proud To Show

Facelift surgery reduces signs of aging in patients by removing excess skin and tightening underlying tissue. Facelift surgery aims not to alter a patient's appearance but to help them look like a younger version of themselves with lasting results. The two most common techniques are the deep-plane and the (SMAS) facelifts. Dr. Sayal, double fellowship-trained and board-certified, has extensive experience performing both types of Facelifts for Detroit patients.

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What are the benefits of a facelift?

Many people can benefit from facelift surgery. If you're starting to see wrinkles, bags under your eyes, and other signs of aging, then you may be considering a Facelift. But what are some of its benefits? It tightens sagging skin around your cheeks, chin, and jawline, showcasing your natural contours. It reduces or eliminates loose skin around your neck, making you look younger. It smooths out wrinkles in your forehead that have formed over time due to facial expressions like frowning, squinting, and shaving years off your face. These are just a few of the many possible benefits. Dr. Sayal can assess your needs during your consultation to recommend whether you would benefit from a facelift procedure.

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Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

The Transformation of a lifetime

The good news is that many patients are good candidates for facelift surgery. Of course, all patients should undergo an extensive consultation to determine if they would benefit from facial plastic surgery. Still, there are some general guidelines for determining whether you might be a good candidate for our Detroit Facelift surgery. The best candidates tend to be those who have undergone years of sun exposure and do not practice safe skin care practices such as applying sunscreen daily or wearing protective clothing in the sun.

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Your Facelift Procedure

You Deserve It

During your consultation, Dr. Sayal will help you determine which type of facelift is best for you—deep-plane or SMAS—and give you an idea of how much time he expects each procedure to take. After consulting with Dr. Sayal, if you decide to move forward with surgery, then anesthesia and surgical techniques come into play; Dr. Sayal has performed many facelifts, so he knows exactly what works best for most patients. When you come to The Center for Facial Plastic Surgery for your Facelift Detroit patients can expect the surgery to take between three and five hours, depending on its complexity, but Dr. Sayal will stay with you throughout to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Deep Plane vs. SMAS

The two most common techniques used now are deep-plane and SMAS facelifts.

Deep-plane facelifts can also help reduce sagging skin on your neck, which may not be addressed in a SMAS lift. The result is smoother, tighter skin on your face and neck—without looking pulled or overworked. Dr. Sayal uses whichever technique is best for each patient's individual needs. While both methods work well to address loose skin, wrinkles, and creases around your mouth and eyes (as well as jowls), there are differences between them. For example, SMAS facelifts tend to involve shorter incisions than deep-plane lifts. They're also less invasive because they only include repositioning tissues rather than removing them, as with a deep-plane procedure. While they have their benefits, SMAS lifts aren't suitable for everyone. If you have thick skin or excess fat under your chin (which could require liposuction), it might be better to use a deep-plane procedure instead. It would be best to discuss these options with Dr. Sayal during your consultation.

Facelift Recovery

Conquer Aging Early

If you choose deep-plane or SMAS techniques, your recovery will look like the two examples below. However, it's essential to remember that every patient is different, and your experience may not mirror those of the following individuals. One more thing to remember is that these results take months (not days) to develop, so you can expect at least three to six months before any notable visual changes occur. When there is noticeable healing, it takes roughly 18–24 months for the Facelift to complete its full effects. Therefore, the first few weeks are critical after surgery. The downtime associated with a facelift is approximately 10–14 days if no drains are used during surgery; if drains are required, it could be up to 28 days until you feel back to normal. During recovery, patients should focus on rest, hydration, and nutrition as they continue their journey toward looking younger than ever!

Facelift Results

Lift You Above Ordinary

By bringing together a team of experts, the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery ensures your Facelift will be done correctly, with lasting results. Dr. Ricky Sayal understands every detail needed to achieve natural-looking results. After all, Dr. Sayal is an accomplished Detroit plastic surgeon with years of experience who loves what he does and wants to help you achieve great results too! Call us today!

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Dr. Sayal's Transformation Expertise

If aging is causing you to lose confidence in your appearance, a facelift may help boost your self-esteem and love the mirror again. Dr. Ricky Sayal will patiently explain your options, and together you two will come up with the best treatments for you. So schedule your consultation today at the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Detroit, Michigan.

Facelift Frequently Asked Questions

Although there is normally little physical pain after a facelift, you may feel a deep bruised sensation due to the swelling, and your face may appear heavy. In addition, the bandage you'll wear the first night can feel a little tight beneath your chin. We hope that instead of making you feel confined, it helps you feel secure.

When performed correctly, facelift surgery does not affect your grin. Selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sayal to perform your treatment may help assure the most satisfying and dependable results.

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