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Cheek Fillersin Detroit MI

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Center for Facial Plastic SurgeryOffers Cheek Fillers

Get Back Your Cheeky Glow

The center of the face, which includes the nose, cheeks, and chin, are the first areas to show signs of aging; this is what gives people a hollowed look as they age. For some people, the volume loss in their cheeks can make them appear less youthful and more tired than they feel inside. Fortunately, getting Cheek Fillers in Detroit can restore that volume and restore your cheeky glow! Our facial plastic surgeon at Michigan's Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is double fellowship-trained and board-certified. Dr. Ricky Sayal and Dr. Christine Lepudre have received accolades from patients across the Metro Detroit region. He offers several cheek filler options depending on your specific needs and preferences. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

What are Cheek Fillers?

Rejuvenate Yourself

To get back that youthful look associated with full cheeks, the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery offers patients in Detroit Cheek Fillers at our Michigan practice. A hyaluronic acid filler can restore volume in aging cheeks and help you achieve a brighter, fuller appearance.

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What are the benefits of Cheek Fillers?

As we age, we naturally lose volume in our cheeks, which can result in a hollowed look where the plump cheeks of our youth begin to lose volume and hollow as we make less collagen. Cheek Fillers are designed to restore that volume and youthful glow associated with full cheeks. They also help combat any sagging or drooping in your skin that may occur due to aging or weight loss. Your doctor can create a more lifted and refreshed appearance by restoring volume to your cheeks. Many patients report an increase in their self-confidence after receiving Cheek Fillers because they feel younger and more attractive.

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Am I a good candidatefor Cheek Fillers?

You'll Get Back That Glow

In many cases, Cheek Fillers can help restore volume and fullness that may have been lost over time. As we age, we naturally lose volume in our cheeks, which can result in a ‘hollowed’ look, where the plump cheeks of our youth begin to lose volume and hollow as we make less collagen. There are also those who want to improve or eliminate signs of aging by softening wrinkles around their cheeks or adding more definition to lips. Whatever your reasons, you should know that Cheek Fillers aren’t just for celebrities; they can be used safely and effectively on patients of all ages.

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Your Cheek Filler Procedure

Restore a Youthful Appearance

During your consultation, you will be provided a detailed explanation of your procedure and let you know what to expect during and after treatment. Most patients feel minimal discomfort during treatment with numbing agents and ice packs, but some people report feeling a mild stinging sensation while having Cheek Filler injections. Some redness or swelling is expected immediately following injection, but most patients report that it subsides within hours. Full results are often visible within three days, though it is recommended to keep makeup to a minimum on post-treatment days in order to see natural results faster.

Cheek Filler Recovery

Get Better Looking and Feeling Skin

There are certain things to keep in mind as you recover from your Cheek Filler injections. While many side effects are temporary and go away after a few days, there are others that will take up to two weeks or longer to resolve. You should expect some swelling and bruising immediately after your treatment. Swelling can last anywhere from three to ten days, but most patients report seeing an improvement in their swelling between days two and three. Bruising can also persist between three and seven days after your procedure.

Cheek Filler Results

You Deserve a Brighter Smile

After undergoing Cheek Filler Detroit patients report that results typically last six months to two years. However, the longevity of your Cheek Filler treatment will ultimately be determined by the type of dermal filler utilized to offer your cheek augmentation and your personal metabolism.

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When You Need an Aesthetic Boost

To ensure you receive a natural-looking result, you should seek consultation to discuss your facial features and goals. During your consultation, you'll meet your facial plastic surgeon, who will examine your face to determine if you are a good candidate for Cheek Fillers. They'll also help you choose the right filler for your specific needs. Then, if you decide to proceed with the procedure, we schedule injectables and surgical procedures at our Detroit office.

Cheek FillerFrequently Asked Questions

No! Dermal fillers are formulated with lidocaine, a local anesthetic that provides improved comfort during treatments.

Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, similar to what's found naturally in our bodies. They smooth out wrinkles and fill out hollow areas on our faces. Botox has a different chemical makeup and can work with fillers to provide a more youthful look.

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